Monday, May 22, 2017

Tropical Palette

Playa Los Muertos, 12”x9”, acrylic on paper

Back home in cool, foggy San Francisco — I am starting to experiment with a more tropical palette after an inspiring little trip down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  More to come….

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pasadena Highlights

However you add up the numbers, the Los Angeles metropolitan area has somewhere around 18 million people.  And when a city has that many diverse people, many from all over the world, it is hard to be bored.  There is no shortage of interesting things and urban exploration opportunities in L.A. — even if some freeway time is involved.  I find that I-hate-L.A. San Francisco provincialism so tiresome.
Today’s L.A. adventure included Glendale and Pasadena, a mission I had never visited, a delightful little Polish restaurant and a trip to a delicious Armenian bakery for dessert.  But the main goal of the day was a return to a favorite museum – the Pasadena Museum of California Art.
I’ve seen a number Gustave Baumann prints on trips to New Mexico but this was my first opportunity to see his lesser-known California work.  I’ll spare you my poor snapshots when you can review the exhibit brochure here.  It was a nice surprise seeing a view of my own neighborhood in San Francisco circa 1930.  The show also includes some of his wood blocks and press (see above). 
The Baumann show is one of the three exhibits at the museum right now that includes Joseph Kleitsch’s paintings and Interstitial, a multi-artist installation of sculpture including my personal favorite, Joel Otterson’s American Portable Pottery Museum (shown above).

All three show are up until August and worth a visit for your upcoming L.A. trips.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Museum of Latin American Art

I always like discovering a “new” museum when I head to Southern California and also appreciate my NARM privileges.  Today was my first visit to the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach.  The Nickolas Muray photos of Frida Kahlo are stunning.  It is a small how, but that alone was worth a visit to the museum.  Before today, Frank Romero’s art was something I only really knew from books and online.  It was great to see a large-scale retrospective of his diverse body of work.  Check out the links for both shows.

There are plenty of big name museums in the Los Angeles area, but it is always worth exploring some the smaller ones as well, today’s trip to Long Beach was a good example.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

ATCs in the Mail

The best part of sending out Artist Trading Cards is the trading.  And after sending our a round of National Park-themed ATCs recently, I am started to receive more in return.
This first batch includes ones from:
  1. William Mellott
  2. Cuan Miles
  3. Fleur Helsingor

And now it is time to get back to the new series I am working on, stay tuned…..

Incoming Mail Art - April

There has been a steady flow of mail art arriving as well as a good deal out going in the past few weeks.  There have been artists stamps, ATCs (more later) and these that are just a sample of some recent arrivals:
  1. Meral Agar sent this Modigliani-inspired piece form Istanbul.
  2. A new collage piece from Jennifer Utter.
  3. Gina Visione is still celebrating the Lunar New Year (nothing wring with that).
  4. Another altered postcard from Pamela Gerard.  This time Burgundy.
  5. A new series from Carolyn Oord (aka Kerosone) in Quebec — Cheese Cloth.
  6. Gregg Biggs is sending out Springtime for Elvis mail art – I am not sure if that was the intended title.
  7. Julie Crossman is celebrating the springtime phases of the moon.
  8. A new pink piece from Dean Marks arrived from Paris.
  9. Two new sublime pieces from e. coles.  I now have this wonderful collection.
  10. More amazing work from Cuan Miles in South Africa.
Below are a sheet of artists stamps from C. Mehrl Bennett as well as large, printed sheet of rubber stamps from Ryosuke Cohen.